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Please note that club meetings will now be 6pm - 9pm

Ever wanted to be a licensed radio operator? It's easier than you think! Study for your foundation license with Exeter Radio Society. Training courses start in January 2019.

Interested? Then contact Slade 2E0SQB - Email: forestnas at hotmail co uk

Details of club meetings in 2018 / 2019:

27th February: Data modes: Best operating practice – Slade 2E0SQB and Harry M0IHT

SUNDAY 3rd March - CLUB RALLY - As usual, held at America Hall. Come down and grab the bargain of a lifetime!! All welcome

13th March: Club AGM / Raynet AGM

27th March: Raynet training – includes equipment / Go Kit, frequencies, best practice. All raynet members please try to attend – Keith G7NBU, John G8XQQ, Pete G3ZVI

10th April: Logging software - Presented by Harry M0IHT

24th April: To be advised

8th May: Radio software - Pete G3ZVI

22nd May: ATU/AMU units - Speaker to be confirmed

12th June: Birthday party - bring Cake!!!

26th June: Repeater night - All you wanted to know about repeaters, especially GB3EW and GB3EX - Pete G3ZVI and John G8XQQ

10th July: Portable antennas – club members to bring in and demo their portable antennas

24th July: Useful Radio Software / Programs / Online tools - Come and discuss your favourite useful resources

14th August: Trains and DCC - Ivor G6ATJ

28th August: Project night – club members to bring in Projects

11th September: Internet radio - Speaker to be confirmed

25th September: MESH network - Speaker to be confirmed

9th October: Film night.

23rd October: DMR radios - Speaker to be confirmed

13th November: Amateur satellite working - Slade 2E0SQB

27th November: Bring something interesting night / 2020 Planning night – Slade 2E0SQB

11th December: Christmas party / Games night

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What's been happening this year

13th February Club members enjoyed Petes and Slade’s fun night, as they had to solve small construction puzzles that led to clues to find a lost boat!
Pete and Slade enjoyed laughing at the members as they speculated and guessed what the clues could mean.

Afterwards Jason M7JOY gave a demo on the IRN network using the teamspeak platform. We spoke to BOB in Springfield Wisconsin USA who explained his enjoyment. Jason mentioned how he used this to gain confidence on the unlicensed channels before he gained his licence.

23rd January Harry gave a very informative talk about contesting.

His powerpoint presentation ( which has been converted to a pdf ) can be seen by clicking here.

5th January Exeter Raynet attended a motorcycle club trial at Fingle Bridge. This annual event consisted of 3 separate hill climbs involving about 200 motorcycles & vintage cars.
Some years ago this event sadly suffered a fatality on one of the hill climbs. Emergency services could not be contacted quickly enough using conventional communication systems, mainly because of the terrain.
The Raynet team setup comms. using mainly VHF with VHF/UHF crossband repeaters. The whole event was successful and passed without incident.

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