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Please note that club meetings will now be 6pm - 9pm

Details of club meetings in 2018 / 2019:

12th December: Bring something interesting night - get everyone guessing and asking "What IS that?""

26th December: No meeting

3rd January 2019: Post Christmas wind down Come and get away from all the family members and in-laws (may contain Turkey) Note that this is a THURSDAY

23rd January: Contesting - A talk by Harry M0IHT

13th February: Fun night Pete G3ZVI and Slade 2E0SQB

27th February: Data modes: Best operating practice Slade 2E0SQB and Harry M0IHT

SUNDAY 3rd March - CLUB RALLY - As usual, held at America Hall. Come down and grab the bargain of a lifetime!! All welcome

13th March: Club AGM / Raynet AGM

27th March: Raynet training includes equipment / Go Kit, frequencies, best practice. All raynet members please try to attend Keith G7NBU, John G8XQQ, Pete G3ZVI

10th April: Logging software - Presented by Harry M0IHT

24th April: Clansman radio demonstration by Norman M0NJE

8th May: Radio software - Pete G3ZVI

22nd May: ATU/AMU units - Speaker to be confirmed

12th June: Birthday party - bring Cake!!!

26th June: Repeater night - All you wanted to know about repeaters, especially GB3EW and GB3EX - Pete G3ZVI and John G8XQQ

10th July: Portable antennas club members to bring in and demo their portable antennas

24th July: Useful Radio Software / Programs / Online tools - Come and discuss your favourite useful resources

14th August: Trains and DCC - Ivor G6ATJ

28th August: Project night club members to bring in Projects

11th September: Internet radio - Speaker to be confirmed

25th September: MESH network - Speaker to be confirmed

9th October: Film night.

23rd October: DMR radios - Speaker to be confirmed

13th November: Amateur satellite working - Slade 2E0SQB

27th November: Bring something interesting night / 2020 Planning night Slade 2E0SQB

11th December: Christmas party / Games night

What was on in: - 2017 - 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010

What's been happening this year

14th November Jason and Larry (M7SKA) took the foundation license exam and passed, Jason awaits his M7 callsign from Ofcom (UPDATE...He is now M7JOY). He is hoping to get M7ORG or M7PYL (But he didn't!). Ask him why when you talk to him....the website cannot possibly comment.

12th September Slade (M6SQB - at the time of writing!) is congratulated by Harry (M0IHT) and Jason (SWL) on passing his Radio Amateur Intermediate exam with flying diodes!!! He scored about 87%; gaining the license will now allow him to transmit at 50W maximum (up from 10W), as well as many other privileges and responsibilities. He is now looking forward to getting a 2E0 call with similar letters to his M6 call. "Where to now Slade?" I asked. "Why, the FULL license of course!"

N.B. No diodes actually flew in the exam room.....just colours.

8th September 2018 Exeter Raynet members were asked to provide radio comms for the Moor2sea cycling event, which saw cycling enthusiasts complete 3 routes around the South West. The area covered was quite large for reliable VHF/UHF comms, but on the day all computer predictions (based on distance, antenna height, power and terrain) were proved incorrect, as comms were 100% !
Pictures show operators Slade M6SQB and Keith G7NBU at Raynet control Exeter Racecourse, and shots from Heatree Activity Centre, near Manaton.

22nd August 2018 Jason (SWL) is experimenting with dipoles, and gleaning information in readiness for his foundation exam. Slade M6SQB is meanwhile gaining experience with circuits and components in readiness for his intermediate exam. See how they get on after their exams!

16th July 2018 John G8XQQ is finalising the replacement wiring & connections for GB3EX, aided & abbetted by Pete G3ZVI, Slade M6SQB and Keith G7NBU

23rd May 2018 The use of Fldigi software for Raynet operators was explained by Pete, G3ZVI and John, G8XQQ.

9th May 2018 Members met to discuss various hand-held radios that they owned. Dual band FM as well as D-Star, DMR and CFusion handies were shown. Keith G7NBU gave a presentation on Contest stations - how to build a efficient (but probably very costly) station, as well as things NOT to do.

29th April 2018 Another highly successful radio rally was held at America Hall. This was the rally that had to be postponed from the 4th March, thanks to " the beast from the east " !

Pete G3ZVI, attended as a trader for the very last time, as he has decided to hang up the PL-259s and retire from the Rally Trader scene for a well earned break. We all thank him for not only providing rally attendees with highly sought-after bargains in the radio and wider electronics fields, but also for many years spent organising the annual rally, which will continue and grow in popularity.

11th April 2018 Harry M0IHT reported how a geo storm ruined propagation on HF recently, he also talked about a voacap software he runs to help with predictions. Nick 2E0NXB from silverton visited the club and wanted to know about DMR so the argument of DMR vs d star vs Fusion was discussed and John and Pete talked about plans regarding a DMR repeater for the Exeter area in the near future

28th March 2018 Harry M0IHT, gave a fascinating talk on the "stealth" aerials hidden away in his loft. One of our members who had seen the loft, remarked that it resembled an indoor aerial farm. The presentation (in pdf format) along with some website links, can be viewed here

14th March 2018 The Annual General Meeting was held at Sunnylands Room, America Hall.

28th February 2018 Slade M6SQB discussed data modes and gave a simple guide to getting started.

14th February 2018 Members with experiences of using magnetic loop antennae met to discuss ideas and to show any loops they had built.

24th January 2018 Contesting! Club members with experience of contesting gave their experiences and tips and tricks including software etc. There was a discussion about starting a contest group within the club.

3rd January 2018 Raspberry Pi Challenge launch - Slade M6SQB launched the Raspberry Pi Challenge for club members.

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